International Jerusalem Passion Reunion 2004

Since its composition in 1987, the Jerusalem Passion has been presented by choirs in all Australian capital cities, and many regional towns. It has also been presented in New Zealand, Holland, England, Ireland and the United States.

We are extending an invitation to singers, musicians and friends who are interested, to attend a reunion in the church where the composition originated - Brisbane Christian Fellowship, Australia.The 3 day event will take place on the weekend of 6th - 8th August, 2004.

The reunion will feature soloists, narrators and conductors etc from various performances, and give an opportunity for singers and musicians to take part in a rotating choir and orchestra across the weekend of presentations.

The composer Murray Wylie will also launch the fully published scores, which will be available in CD-Rom format for international distribution. We have a growing list of respondants to such a reunion, and will provide further information on request.

The host church is hoping to offer accommodation, hospitality and airport transport to all who attend from interstate and overseas. We warmly invite you, and look forward to meeting all those who share the 'hope of unity' as expressed in

'The Jerusalem Passion'.

(Please refer to this page again later for more details and updates closer to the event.)

6-8 August 2004   

40 Burton Lane Samford,  Brisbane

International Jerusalem Passion Reunion

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If you have any enquiries, please refer them to Brisbane Christian Fellowship

Contact Information

Telephone:  +61-7-3289 2888

Facsimile: +61-7-3289 2306

Postal address:  PO Box 240, Samford Q 4520, Australia

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In an attempt to involve Christians of many backgrounds in the ministry of original Christian music, some of the ministers of Brisbane Christian Fellowship established "Vision One" as a platform to perform selected original works. The largest project of this kind to date has been the worldwide performances of Murray Wylie's modern-classical oratorio "The Jerusalem Passion".