About this site

This is a privately sponsored web site, provided out of my interest in this work and my agreement with the thoughts of the composer - both at the time of building the site, and during the period leading up to the writing of this major Australian work during three weeks of February 1987.

The site was originally located as a rather confused series of interleaved pages across two private sites of mine, and after discussion with the Administrator of Vision One in about 1996 it was decided to re-create it in this format on its "own premises" and using the "frame" technology that had became generally available during 1998.

The author of this site can be contacted by email from here with any queries. He has been involved for about three years in the administration of several Christian chatrooms on "IRC" - Internet Relay Chat - across several server systems... chatrooms that are NOT "exclusive clubs for Christians" (which so many are) but where more non-Christians than Christians are frequently found.

This is evangelism at a"street ministry" level, where the presentation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ may be offered as a meaningful alternative to the worldly attitudes that appear to be on the increase around our planet.

International forums such as IRC make one realise just how certainly the world is accelerating towards its ultimate destruction in fulfilment of biblical prophecy.

I maintain a pair of websites - click on the links to go there in a new window -

these sites are located at:

- and both were hosted completely free by a very good friend of mine in Texas, which is a wonderful blessing to the ministry. Thank you very much, Larry.

Larry had to move and the hostings were no longer available, so we have taken advantage of a well priced commercial hosting.

On-line contact with me can be made through starlink-irc.org and undernet.org in channels #Christian and #Christian-Chat, where I use the nickname of "eagles", a direct reference to Isaiah chapter 40 verse 31, although verses 28 to 30 should also be read to understand the context of verse 31.

www.starlink-irc.org and www.undernet.org have java chat facilities available at their websites. These permit access to their IRC servers from the WorldWideWeb, meaning that you do not need to use a special chat program on your computer to connect with us.

I see that Vision One's "Jerusalem Passion" web site now is up and running, and appears to be just a single page advertising the composer's new work - and first major work for fifteen years - without any content about the "Jerusalem Passion" at all.

On this basis, I believe it would be a pity to abandon the material on this site into the huge cyber waste bin, which was their original suggestion. Consequently we have moved, and rebuilt the site at this address.

The redirection afforded by http://cometo.jerusalempassion - which had also expired due to a clerical error on my part - now appears to be working again. When the site here is complete, we'll try asking their robot to change its forwarding information.

Please just keep your eyes on this site's front page for information.

We did take out a sub-domain of http://jerusalempassion.faithweb.com on one of the "freeservers" facilities as a temporary measure a couple of years ago; that has a redirection to this site.

Because there will need to be a period of overlap to allow visitors to get their bookmarks - favourites - shortcuts organised, I'll let you know what is going to happen as soon as I know myself. Please bookmark this particular page for future reference.

By way of explanation, there has been no suggestion by Vision One that this site has been involved in any breach of copyright. Were that the case, I would shut it down.

Rather I have been given the impression that the previous Administrator didn't have the Vision One organisation's best interests at heart. Funny when it has taken them so long since Doug left nearly three years before they asked me to close this site down some three or four years ago.

Thank you for visiting, you are always welcome here :)

Created on Monday 31st August 1998
updated on 17th August 2003