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Stop Press News

You may have noticed that this website has been "down" for maybe a couple of years.

Our apologies over this inconvenience, but there is an interesting connection one might wonders if can be drawn with two other internet phenomena. Please let me explain...

Firstly this site's registration was not renewed (I thought it had been, but it seems it was suddenly acquired by an entreprenurial "gentleman" in Indonesia who ran foul of the registration authorities where one suspects it was being used to display what is called "contraband" material, judging by the "takedown notice" I saw when checking what was going on.

I am told that this method has been used in the past by unscrupulous people who wish to prevent the continuance of a web address (the url or "uniform resource locator") that they might regard as being unfair to their business dealings. One can never get proof of such matters, so it is a pure assumption by me, the webmaster of this site.

However it is known that Indonesia is one of many countries involved in contraband promotions and "phishing", and I have suspected for years that "coincidences" don't happen in life nearly as frequently as one might believe.

An accidental "whois enquiry" showed that "jerusalempassion.org" was available again when checking on 19th January 2017 at 1513 +10.5 - at which point reapplication was made for the domain name, and confirmed the same day at 1623, and we are now back in business, page after page having to be checked for updating purposes.

The two other things I mentioned that might be associated are interesting, to me, anyway. I had joined a forum called "streetcar.org.au" which had recently been re-established after a "distributed" denial of service series of attacks a year previously - and in which I am advised that logs and other technical information provided evidence for an investigative team from the Queensland police who strongly suggested that the attacks may in all likelihood have come from co-ordinated members of a religious organisation there. The second thing is that they did it again a few months ago, this time through using a freely available backdoor to the Internet Explorer web browser which allows what a court would call a "frivolous complaint" - an unsupported whinge by un-named people to claim phishing or other identity theft without providing any proof whatsoever. So the streetcar forum was taken down again using this matter. A short-term shutdown of one of my sites sites was also effected in the same way as I had taken the precaution to place a series of log files as part of a "blog" about "bullying". The link is here.


Not So Recent News

The new "Jerusalem Passion" website put up by Doug Watt (Vision One Administrator) in 2003 and progressively developed over some years has been shut down suddenly by them in about 2015-2016 and the name is up for sale for an exorbitant price. Please visit here and read our saved page.

You may be interested in some historical stuff; there was a general invitation on it to attend a reunion in the third quarter of 2004. A link to it is here.

Because the information might be of historical interest to visitors here after the page is taken down by Vision One, we have reproduced that page on our site also, here. The links to their site will still work, if Vision One have not removed them, as they appear to have already done with the next link on this page.

We discovered by accident that composer Murray Wylie has been busy writing, and he presented the work at his own church at Easter 2003, to be "officially" performed at Easter 2004 for the public, a year later. This new work appears to be called "Firstborn: Song of Songs" and we greatly look forward to hearing it. You may access a page that is currently on the Brisbane Christian Fellowship website here, and like the JP Reunion page we have also placed a copy here for when the information is taken down.

We apologise over the quality of the images and trust you will be forgiving :)

It looked like the August 2004 Reunion would be an opportunity for those who could not make it to the Easter 2004 performance to hear excerpts from it.

After many years of taking a back seat from major music composition, it looked like Murray had once again been allowed by the senior minister Victor Hall to write another major work. Wonderful news! In retrospect one wonders how a leadership team of "equals" could have a senior minister, a concept promoted by BCF over many years, but they have changed their mind obviously.


Netherlands tour

Details of the Netherlands performance of the work by conductor Hans Matla, his combined choirs and orchestra in March 1999 in Den Haag (The Hague) are on a special page. This has been put together through contact with Herr Matla's Bass soloist by telephone and email, and even the "snail mail" postal service with cassettes of various choral groups involved.

Please press here to go there. It is also able to be accessed from the "performances" page.

Only brief information on the series of performances in early 2000 is there; this is unfortunate, and I believe it was associated with copyright restrictions...


Musical Samples

We have three "real audio" sample soundtracks for you to hear from the work, all accessible from the bottom of the "navigation menu" on your right.

They are the "Pastorale" flute solo (with strings) and the acclaimed "Where Are the Eagles" from the Brisbane production of 1991 (conducted by the composer), and the final number as performed by Hans Matla's team at Den Haag (Netherlands) in 1999, an arrangement of Herr Matla's.


Outline of the Work

"The Jerusalem Passion" is an oratorio scored for soloists, narrator and choir, accompanied by a full ("Symphony") orchestra, a pipe organ, piano, and rhythm section. An oratorio is a sacred composition in which the theme is "orated" without drama or set.

Composed in 1987 by Murray Wylie, a Queensland Conservatorium graduate and church music director, the work relates the passion of Christ from the novel perspective of the city of Jerusalem.

Carefully balancing traditional depth with modern style, the work has attracted the highest public and media acclaim in its Australia-wide concert-hall performances.

"The Jerusalem Passion" is a song of mourning and lament for the cities of the earth which reject Christ as the Jerusalem of old did. But it is also a song which heralds the vast revival of faith and unity in Christ that is needed as we approach the coming of the "New Jerusalem"


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In this way, you can link to pages of photographs, a page about the composer, pages of libretto (the words) and composer's notes, details of past performances and excerpts presentations, reviewers' critiques...

Links are also provided to the copyright owners in Brisbane as well. If you are an afficionado of oratoria, you might also like to view the libretto of Handel's "Messiah" set out as a continuous text from the various places from which Handel drew the words for his great work; Please press here to go and look at it.

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