The Jerusalem Passion Oratorio

This highly acclaimed work

was composed in 1987 by Murray Wylie

and performed in the premier concert halls
around Australia in 1988, 1989, and 1990/91

Overseas - in Amsterdam, Dublin and Manchester, and the U.S.A.
and also in New Zealand

It is our pleasure to show you a few screen captures from the multi-camera broadcast quality television production of the 1988 season in the Concert Hall of the Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane.

a section of the choir

Jim McCrystal

A VHS videotape of this production, along with a cassette tape set (2 tapes) and a Compact Disc recording made at the 1991 season at the same venue are also available; details can be found by clicking on the "Recordings" button on the left.

David Hall

Helen McGuire

So also is a hard cover piano-vocal score of the complete work, which comprises thirty-one seperate pieces of narration, orchestral, instrumental, choral, and solo parts specially written. This item is currently out of print, and may well be replaced by an electronic version on CD-ROM disk in due course. Please refer to the section accessed by the "Scores" button on the left-hand menu bar.

Helen Foster

Kate Wylie

With a performance time of about two hours, and an arrangement for a full orchestra (with Rhythm section), plus a pipe organ, a narrator, up to seven principal singers, and a large choir divided into six harmony sections, this work has received acclaim wherever it has been presented, often to standing ovations.

Murray Wylie

The work has been described as a "Tale of Two Cities"

- it is a song of lament for the cities of the earth who reject Jesus Christ as did the Jerusalem of old

- and it is also a song of hope, as we look forward to Christ's return in glory, to rule upon the earth, accompanied by what scripture calls his "Bride", the body of His people, the New Jerusalem that will descend with Christ.

For a more 'wordy' description of the work, please take the opportunity to look at the main page which can be accessed by pressing the "Information" button on the menu to your left.

Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

A number of images taken from programmes of the work are included on this site. Please click on the name of the venue - if it is highlighted below - to view a photograph of the performance.

Brisbane Concert Hall - 1988
Brisbane Concert Hall - 1989
Brisbane Concert Hall - 1991

Melbourne Entertainment Centre - 1989
Melbourne Entertainment Centre - 1990
Melbourne Entertainment Centre - 1991

Sydney - Opera House 1990
Sydney - Opera House 1991


Festival Theatre - 1988
Festival Theatre - 1989
Festival Theatre - 1990

In March 1993 a seminar entitled "Reflections on the Jerusalem Passion" was held in Adelaide and Notes may be read using this link.

Wimmera region of Victoria

Horsham - Lutheran Church 1990
Instrumentalists and singers travelled from both Melbourne and Adelaide to the Wimmera region of western Victoria to present the Oratorio there in 1990, with musical and choral direction from Adelaide.

In March 1993 a Worship and Unity seminar was conducted in Horsham and this was presented prior to a musical prgramme of highlights from the work. Notes from the two seminar sessions may be read using this link.

Adelaide's Sunday night excerpts programmes

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, hosted a very lengthy season of one-hour long extracts with a small orchestra, medium sized chorus and several principal singers. This ran from 1991 through to 1994, being presentations on a series of Sunday nights in many churches of different denominations and affiliations. Photographs from some of their presentations are accessible from the "excerpts" page on the menu.

Also in Adelaide, a very small vocal group is presenting an ongoing programme of excerpts to audiences in elderly peoples' homes. A brief description of their activity can also be reached from the "excerpts" page on the menu.


To be advised.

New Zealand

While the original seasons presented across Australia and in New Zealand were performed under the auspices of Vision One (with the composer conducting), in Europe and in the United States of America, all other presentations of the work have been produced by other individuals; in New Zealand a programme involving the Festival Singers of Wellington was presented in 1995. press for link


A series of performances have occurred over a number of years. Details are as follows....

Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Dublin (Ireland)
Manchester (England)
Dublin (Ireland) again in 1998
1999 - 2000 Netherlands tour


While not an actual performance, a computer screen-saver using images captured from the 1988 videotape, and featuring the flute and string music from the Pastorale from "They Shall be One" is also available, and can be reached at the "Download" page.

At the end of 1993, a recording of some re-arranged earlier worship songs (composed by Murray Wylie) plus new material by him and by some of his music team, was produced under the title of "A Season of Change" using their new digital studio. A Compact Disk and a cassette tape album were produced; for details please select "later work" on the menu to your left.

Similary, details of Murray Wylie's earlier published work is included on the page "Early Work"

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