There have been several versions of the score, all of the earlier ones (including instrument part scores) being hand copied. Two printed scores have been available to the public, detailed below.

In about 1989, a soft cover printed score in A4 size, identifiable by its predominately pink cover, was created which gave details of some seven songs from the work, with simplified accompaniment and vocal harmonies. These were songs regarded as appropriate to be included in a worship environment, and carried notes written by the composer for each piece. These are still available from the Vision One office in Brisbane.

In about 1992, a full choral-accompaniment printed score was created after the composer's re-orchestration prior to the Third National series. These are no longer available from the Vision One office in Brisbane, and they have no intention of reprinting them currently because of the immense costs associated with such a project.

However, the "good news" is that the score is now available from Vision One in the "pdf" computer format on a CD-ROM disk set, able to be read and printed using the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software supplied as "freeware" by Adobe. The "bad news" is that the CD-ROM is not available except to organisers of productions.

To look at historical details of changes to the score, please press here.

Created on 23rd January 1999
Edited 15th August 2003